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Sims 4 Suicide Mod

In the Black community, this is something that we try to avoid talking about, but it is very real. Many of our family and closest friends suffer from suicidal tendencies, but we are often unable to notice. In this trait, you will see some signs of suicide that are often overlooked and ignored. If you or a loved one are contemplating suicide, you should contact the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255. I hope that this raises some awareness.

sims 4 suicide mod

Buff Description: Many times before attempting suicide, many suicidal people tend to research ways to kill themselves. This is one way that you could tell that someone is contemplating suicide.

Watching unfortunate sims meet the Grim Reaper in a variety of strange ways has been a staple of the franchise, the Sims 4 deaths continue this tradition. Sims are capable of kicking the bucket in some truly bizarre ways, and, while some players aim to keep their creations alive and well for as long as possible, some take pleasure in seeing all of the weird ways in which a sim can meet its maker.

That said, it also has a few negative side effects. Introduced in the Seasons expansion, the death flower can be used to scent flower arrangements. This will instantly age any sim who smells the scent, and elder sims will be killed off provided they aren't affected by vampirism. While an interesting way to go, this is an exceedingly rare event that most players aren't likely to ever encounter.

Fireflies can set sims on fire, and lightning bugs can give them a nasty shock, leading to fire and electrocution deaths respectively. However, both only occur very rarely in the jungle, and both are easily combated with a couple of readily available supplies and some cultural knowledge.

Simmers have been known to spend hours trying to fix fridges in puddles or get electronics to break in short succession with no luck. However, if sims are left to their own devices for too long, an accident involving electricity is bound to happen.

This death is another that requires some effort, but it can be caused accidentally. First, sims need to eat Pufferfish Nigiri at a San Myshuno food stall to gain the recipe. Then, the sim needs to attempt to cook it at home, and a poor result has a 50% chance of it being their last meal.

Dying of embarrassment is likely to become more common as sims begin to live in tinier houses. If a sim gets too embarrassed from wetting themselves, walking in on someone in the bathroom, or having an embarrassing social encounter, then their time may be up.

This can often happen accidentally, as sims who soil themselves are given a +5 negative moodlet, making it easy to tip over into mortified. If a sim soils themselves, it's best to have them hide under a duvet for a while to avoid a disaster.

It's then a case of waiting it out; it can be easily passed from sim to sim during day three of the illness when it is highly contagious for the final 24 hours before the Grim Reaper comes calling. Therefore, once acquired, it can easily take out multiple sims with virtually no extra effort.

Those who have The Sims 4's Seasons expansion need to make sure their sims are dressed for the weather. Sims who don't use the new hot and cold weather clothing categories when outside can very easily end up being killed by overheating or freezing. 350c69d7ab


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